7 common habits of all Genius

Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921

The Genius,knowingly or unknowingly,draw upon certain habits to bring forth their magic.
Habits-that if we were to adopt,would alter the course of our very lives!

1.Rely on Intuition

The Genius always possess great self confidence and often rely upon their Intuition.
Intuition is,in many ways, a sixth sense,a gut feeling.
It is impossible to access the powers of Intuition by living too much in the head.
We have to start living with our hearts.
Some people are born with strong Intuition,while others can improve theirs through mindfulness,meditations or prayers.

2.Diary Writing

Most great genii have kept diaries.
Diaries ,where they wrote down their thoughts,emotions and imaginations.
Mozart did,so did Da Vinci,so did Swami Vivekananda,so did Gandhi,so did Ratan Tata,so does Sir Richard Branson.
Not only did they write diaries-they wrote letters!
Diary writing helps us clarify our minds of our purpose-it connects us with our inner selves.
It helps us count our blessings ,no matter how small.
It helps us self-reflect.

3.Risk taking

Geniuses love risks!
They understand that not taking risks is the greatest risk of all.
They embrace failures,and cherish success.
Fifty years from now,none of us wants to lie on our death beds crying..”if only I had taken that chance!”
Life is calling.
Pick up the phone!


The genius know exactly what they want.
They have a (wild,crazy,impossible) purpose in life.
Steve Jobs wanted to “change the world.Because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are often the ones who do”.
And boy,did he not turn the world upside down!
Find your highest ideal.
Find what you want to do with the rest of your life.
Once you find it,don’t ever look back.
Live it.
Breathe it.
Eat it.
Sleep with it.
Stake your entire life on it.
Living a purpose driven life creates lions out of men.                                                                                             Living a purpose driven life is one of the most important steps to success.

5.Have deep stillness

Great genii have deep stillness within.
They are not swayed by praise,nor stung by criticism.
The legendary director Stanley Kubrick often went into deep silence when his movies were harshly criticized.
No one could provoke him.
When Pontius Pilate asks “What is the truth?”,Jesus chose not to answer.
Buddha was known as the Incarnation of Silence.
Gandhi attacked the greatest empire with his silence and non-violence.
Stillness is golden.
Stillness is Power.


Geniuses are crazy and insane in the sense that they are amazingly pro-active.
They are self propelled rockets!
They never wait for things to happen.
They take their chances.
They have a go at it,make things happen.
The Genius break all rules and boundaries with no respect whatsoever.
They are tired of being tied to the shores.
They take their boats and go sailing forth into the wild sea.


Genius gives  us something of value.
They ask “what can I give to people?” and they deliver it at our doorsteps!
Each one of is talented.
Let’s all start in a small way.
What can we do for humanity?


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